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Palm Springs Avalon  | Published Date: 26.06.2017
Guest Experience Agent  | Job Number: 352  | Palm Springs, CA.
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Beverly Hills Avalon  | Published Date: 22.05.2017
Steward  | Job Number: 203  | Beverly Hills, CA.
The steward is responsible for cleaning dishes, equipment and utensils before, during and after service. In addition the steward maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen and all food preparation areas.
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Beverly Hills Avalon  | Published Date: 14.04.2017
Area Catering and Event Sales Manager  | Job Number: 343
Responsible for generating revenues within the markets assigned for restaurant and event space catering sales. Responsible for meeting or exceeding established quarterly revenue and solicitation goals. The Area Catering and Event Sales Manager will constantly work with the hotel, residential and restaurant management and culinary teams to create compelling menus, brainstorm maximization of event space, coordinate timing of events and relay all necessary information and changes to maximize event profitability and ensure that client has the best event possible. Due to the nature of the catering and event business, after hours/ weekends may be required depending on client needs.
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Beverly Hills Avalon  | Published Date: 24.05.2016
Line Cook  | Job Number: 231  | Beverly Hills, CA.
Must be ready to work in a high pressure, fast paced work environment, while retaining organizational ability to see and act on work duties safely, quickly and efficiently. Responsible for the exact preparation of menu items and feature dishes in all stations in the kitchen, Must follow the direction of Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine and Sous Chef in all aspects, including but not limited to portion control, station set up, mise en place, cleanliness, sanitation, food storage, break down and clean up. Must maintain good safety standards at all times. Must have an understanding and knowledge on how to use and maintain all equipment in the station and to cook food items as required by managing Chefs in a clean and timely manner
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Beverly Hills Avalon  | Published Date: 27.06.2017
Front Office Manager  | Job Number: 252  | Beverly Hills, CA.
Directly supervises all front office personnel and ensures proper completion of all front office duties. Directs and coordinates the activities of the front desk, reservations, guest services, and telephone areas. Prepare monthly reports and budget for front office department.
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Beverly Hills Avalon  | Published Date: 27.06.2017
Staff Accountant  | Job Number: 298  | Beverly Hills, CA.
The Staff Accountant prepares, develops and reviews the accounting and financial information for the property, as well as provides a strong level of support to the accounting team. Specializations required in accounts payable, accounts receivables and general cashier.
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Beverly Hills Avalon  | Published Date: 27.06.2017
Guest Services Agent  | Job Number: 246  | Beverly Hills, CA.
Avalon Beverly Hills is looking for highly motivated and experienced hospitality professionals to serve as Guest Service Agents. As brand ambassadors, Guest Service Agents will deliver customer service excellence at all times, by creating a personable and memorable experience for guests.
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Hollywood Proper  | Published Date: 14.06.2017
Front Office Supervisor  | Job Number: 393  | Hollywood, CA.
Directly supervises and develops front desk associates to ensure proper completion of front office duties. Assists in the development and training process for the department to deliver customer service excellence by creating a personable and memorable experience for guests.
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Hollywood Proper  | Published Date: 13.06.2017
Night Audit Manager  | Job Number: 392  | Hollywood, CA.
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Palm Springs Avalon  | Published Date: 13.06.2017
 | Job Number: 391
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